Accueil Non classé Softube Fet Compressor ((LINK))

Softube Fet Compressor ((LINK))


softube compressor


Softube Fet Compressor ((LINK)) Softube-PC-FET-Compressor-sm


Softube Fet Compressor

















Softube is so good, after using the products the first time, I could speak French.. In general, the FET Compressor can be used for deeper gain reduction than you would normally use with any compressor.

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The distortion also adds a nice grit to the voice, highly useable in rock mixes but in no way limited to that.. The reason is that even at extreme settings, the FET Compressor shows no trace of the pinched sound many other compressors make when you push them hard.. Mainly because I kept saying: Pardon my French, but these plug-ins are f king unbelievable! The FET Compressor in particular is probably the warmest, fattest compressor plug-in on the market.

softube compressor

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Even direct guitar is seeing a lot less of this and the waves 76 when I can do so much with arouser.. Hauppauge wintv 7 serial number The FET Compressor is a faithful modeling of one of the most iconic compressors of all time and can be used to add edge or punchiness.. I think it sounds pretty great and performs that role pretty well (often better in context than a waves 1176, I mean, its got the parallel knob built the fuck in so you can do the NYC all buttons in trick), but since the arouser came out I have been using this a lot less for anything but NYC type ‘special effect’ compression.. But this is a great plugin that captures that urei vibe for the most part


softube germanium compressor

Nonton film twilight eclipse subtitle indonesia Based on the name and feature set I think this is supposed to sound like an 1178 stereo fet compressor with a highly tweakable sidechain giving it an edge for bus duties.. This ability for strict gain control is not least useful on lead vocal tracks that need to be kept in the listener’s face.

softube germanium compressor review



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